Why Choose a Miraco Automatic Livestock Waterer?

Miraco automatic watering tanks conveniently provide a fresh, cool, and clean supply of water year-round to stock. These energy-free and energy-efficient tanks increase pasture utilization when placed in different locations on larger spreads. Ideal for both confinement and open conditions, these tanks contribute to better animal performance and overall efficiency. From one head to thousands of head to water, a Miraco automatic water system has a place on every outfit. With a reliable supply of water available during both extremely hot and cold conditions, these tanks take a lot of work and worry out of everyday chores.

Miraco has been manufacturing dependable livestock watering systems since 1974. Being the first in the world to develop energy free livestock watering tanks and the first to manufacture livestock water tanks constructed of poly materials, Miraco has many years of experience and is a dependable company that backs their products. The poly material used in Miraco water tanks is impact resistant and will not rust or rot in any way. Miraco offers a 5 year warranty on all their automatic water tanks but with many of their tanks being in the field up and running for over 30 years, Miraco suggests a much longer lifespan.

Miraco self-filling water tanks act like a thermos. As soon as an animal drinks and removes a portion of the water in the tank, the water is immediately replaced by ground-temperature water that is typically between 42° and 52° F through a completely protected valve that automatically turns on and off as needed. The inability of animals to reach the valve prevents damage to the float system. This exchange of water prevents freezing even in the coldest climates.

Miraco offers several different lines of automatic ball and trough water tanks in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the proper size of water tank is critical. Animals on open range often travel to water as a herd and there needs to be a big enough tank to handle them all gathering at once. Animals in confinement are less likely to swarm a tank so a smaller one is often able to get the job done.

Miraco’s MiraFount energy-free ball tanks are surrounded by 2-3” of urethane insulation with extra insulation above the valve area. This insulation keeps the water cool during warm temperatures and with a minimum of 20 head of livestock drinking from theses tanks during frigid temperatures, freezing is not a concern. When too few animals drink from these tanks during extremely cold conditions, the water does not circulate enough nor is enough warmer ground water replaced in the tanks to prevent freezing. It is important to take this in consideration when deciding on a size. With no sunlight penetration to these tanks, there is little to no algae growth to be concerned with.

In extremely cold areas and for producers who do not have enough stock to consume an ample amount of water to prevent freezing, Miraco’s E-Fount Water tanks are a good fit. These electrically heated automatic water tanks are equipped with a 50 watt heat element and thermostat. With only 4 kilowatts of electricity needed during a week of -25° F temperatures, E-Fount water tanks are the most economical electrically heated water systems on the market.

Miraco’s BIGSpring line of water tanks are available with constant-flow systems ideally suited for free-stall dairy operation and large feedlots. Their one-piece polyethylene construction is tough enough to hold up to livestock abuse and eliminates the chance of corrosion, chipping, and cracking. On a smaller scale, Miraco’s Lil’Spring Waters are specifically designed for general livestock needs and are ideal for installation in paddocks and stalls.

Specifically designed for horses, Miraco’s EQUIFount line of water tanks feature smooth round edges for safety and are constructed so they conveniently fit in a stall without taking up too much space. Along these same lines, Miraco offers an automatic Pet Water Bowl that features all polyethylene construction with polyurethane foam insulation. These bowls are specifically designed for dogs and cats with no risk of buildup of bacteria or algae.

With water being such an important staple in life for livestock and a major factor in growth and performance, it only makes sense to install a Miraco watering system. The constant supply of clean fresh water that stays within a consistent temperature range results in more water consumption. This increase in water consumption leads to healthier animals that perform better, grow faster, and produce more pounds to sell. Miraco’s low energy and energy free automatic water tanks are very efficient. They are virtually maintenance free and are designed so they can easily be cleaned.