Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Livestock Waterers

How do I select the proper tank?

Each tank has a rating for the recommended number of animals the tank can supply water for. You’ll want to be sure to select a tank with a greater watering capacity than the number of head you currently have.

How do I install my Miraco waterer?

Each Miraco livestock waterer includes a set of installation instructions as well as all the parts needed to install the tank. Once the concrete pad and water supply line is taken care of, the installation is very easy.

Are heat tubes needed?

Insulated heat tubes are required in areas where the frost line goes below 21” deep and recommended in geographical regions prone to colder temperatures.

How do heat tubes work?

The heat tube allows you to use the earth’s energy for free. In the winter, the air and water that rises up the tube will be warmer than the outside air which reduces or eliminates the need for an expensive input of heat from an outside source and eliminates freezing.

In the summer, the cooler air and water rising up the heat tube keeps the water cooler than the outside air which encourages your animals to drink more water.

Do I need a heater to keep my Miraco waterer from freezing up?

A Miraco unit installed in many climates around the United States will not require a heater if the following conditions are met; installation of a heat tube and sufficient animals drinking from the unit to provide a flow of fresh water.

If the water and air in the waterer is heated by the earth’s energy to 45 degrees F and the animals are drinking from the unit which removes chilled water as they drink from the exposed or open area, a Miraco unit is normally kept from freezing.

If a heater is installed in your unit, it will not use any electricity until the water inside the unit reaches 35 degrees F and reduces your electricity expense considerably over more common water tanks. The MiraFount units with balls or lids can withstand even colder temperatures than the open units.

Do Miraco waterers come with a warranty?

Yes, all Miraco waterers (excluding valve and valve parts) will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from delivery. The Miraco valve and valve parts are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from delivery. To learn more about our warranty and coverage click here.

How does water get in the tank?

You would be responsible for supplying pressurized water to the unit. Miraco waterers use a valve and float system to automatically refill the tank. In essence, it works the same way a toilet in your house would to refill the tank.

Does my Miraco require electricity?

No, the MiraFounts are energy free. But, if you have less the 20 animals and have an additional water source or experience colder temperatures, you may consider our E-Fount line of waterers. E-Founts can be paired with electric heating elements to assist in resisting freezing conditions in colder weather regions.

How do I clean and perform maintenance on my tank?

All models are designed with rounded corners in the tank – there are no sharp corners to collect dirt or debris. This makes it very easy to remove the drain plug, flush out the tank and simply use a cloth to wipe any excess grime away.

Can Miraco’s be setup as a gravity-flow system?

Yes, Miraco does offer a gravity flow valve (A682).

What keeps the water fresh for my animals?

In the short term, fresh clean water will always enter the tank as the animal’s drink. Over time, the drinker balls keep sunlight out of the tank which controls algae growth. The drinker balls also reduce the amount of feed and outside particles that can enter the tank.

How will my animals know that’s where they go for water?

All Miraco ball waterers include a training device. This will hold the ball back so new animals can see the water and begin drinking from that spot. Once they have learned this, you can remove the training device and they will quickly learn to drink when the ball is in the hole.