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The U.S. energy crisis of the 1970s had a lasting impact. Oil supplies became a critical political issue. Environmentalism reached new heights. Smaller, more fuel-efficient cars were produced. The search for alternative fuels intensified.

Out of this crisis, innovation was born.

In 1974, feeling the effects of higher power bills on his farm in Grinnell, Iowa, Claude Aherns began looking for a more energy-efficient way to water his cattle. Like most farmers of the time, he used traditional metal tanks heated with electricity to keep water from freezing in the winter.

Aherns, who also owned Miracle Recreation, a playground equipment-manufacturing company, purchased the patent on an insulated water closure device for ponds and adapted the concept for livestock watering. He established Miraco Livestock Water Systems and began producing the industry’s first energy-free, insulated poly waterers.

A3354 Ball Waterer