Installing Your Miraco Waterer

Miraco Installation
Important Steps

STEP 1: Select a location near a water line.  Putting the waterer in a location that offers protection from the wind will enhance the performance of the waterer. Livestock will tend to gather in this protected area, enticing them to drink more. If possible, the side that supply line enters the waterer should be opposite of prevailing winter wind to give additional protection to the supply line.

STEP 2: The horizonal water supply line should be at a minimum 1 foot below the frost line. We recommend installing a shut-off valve on the horizontal supply line leading to the waterer. Your vertical water supply line should be ¾ inch in diameter to connect to the horizonal water supply line. Run the vertical supply line about 10 inches above ground.

STEP 3: Install a heat tube around your vertical water supply line at least 1 foot below frost line or down to your water line to ensure frost-free operation. Make sure your vertical water supply line is centered in the heat tube.   One 30-inch tube provides enough heat well in most locations. For northern locations, two 30-inch heat tubes may be required.

STEP 4: Set a 4-6” tall concrete pad, ensuring an 18″ platform around the perimeter of the unit. The concrete platform must be level to ensure optimal performance. A concrete pad surrounded by gravel will also help stop a sloppy mud hole from forming. Grading the ground around the waterer will help it drain.

STEP 5: Anchor your tank to the pad following the directions for the type of waterer you have purchased. All Miraco waterers come with stainless steel anchor bolts.

STEP 6: Decide if you need to run power out to the waterers. Electrical installation should be completed and maintained by a qualified electrician according to local codes.

STEP 7: Connect all water lines together. Turn the water on to pressurize the system and check for leaks before covering up all the pipes.

Miraco Livestock Waterer Installation Video

Check out our installation video for tips, reminders and labor saving techniques to help you install your Miraco Waterer.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that while there may not be a video for your exact model, the installation process is the same.