Lil’ Fount A1000 Multi-Purpose Waterer

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The Lil’Fount A1000 waterer features all polyethylene construction with polyurethane foam insulation. Its poly exterior makes cleaning a breeze. There’s no buildup of bacteria or algae. The Lil’Fount waterer bowl refills automatically with no moving parts. Nothing cools off a hot animal faster than cool, clean water to drink. During hot weather, add ice cubes to the 5 gallon insulated reservoir with every fill.

This pet waterer holds 5 gallons and is designed for small animals like dogs and cats. Delivers cool, clean water automatically. All polyethylene construction for easy cleaning. No buildup of bacteria or algae.





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CAPACITY Small animals such as dogs and cats
GALLONS 40   (152 liters)
DIMENSIONS 12” x 18.5” x 16.5” (30.5 X 47 X 42 cm)
WEIGHT   14 pounds (6 kg)
HEAT Optional 110V 250-watt heater



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